16 Piece Drill Brush Set, Extend Long Attachment, Scrub Pads, Sponge, Power Scrubber Cleaning Kit for Grout, Tile, Carpet, Sink, Bathtub, Bathroom, Shower, Tub, Kitchen, Car, Pool, Boat by Buddy Pro

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Buddy Pro 16 Pieces Package Include:
01)1 X 2″ round brush (White)
02)1 X 4″ round brush (Yellow)
03)1 X 4″ round brush (Red)
04)1 X 5″ round brush (Black)
05)1 X 3.5″ original cone brush (Yellow)
06)1 X 6″ reach extension
07)3 X 5″ scouring pad (Green)
08)3 X 5″ scouring pad (Red)
09)3 X 5″ sponge pad (Orange)
10)1 X 5″ scrubber connector

The Black super stiff brush is great for cleaning Barbecue Grills.
The Red stiff brush allows you to clean Gutters, Brick, concrete and stone.
The Yellow brushes are perfect for kitchen, bathtub, shower, tiles, porcelain, bathroom cleaning.
The White soft brush is perfect for use on glass, carpet, upholstery and leather.
The Scouring Pads are great for cleaning wall tiles, floors or glass doors.
The green ones are a bit stiffer and thicker than the red ones.
The Sponge Pad is fit for car, glass, waxing and polishing.

The benefit about this package?
1) Come with Extension Rod 6 Inch
2) 5 Inch Power Scrub Pad (More Efficient and Larger Cleaning Area)
3) 3 Pieces 5 Inch Scrub Sponge (Others only 4 Inch or come with 1 or 2 Pieces)
4) 16 Pieces All Purpose Wide Application Brush Set

1.We recommend testing any drill brush on a small area first before using it on the entire surface.
2. Although brushes and scrubs can get wet, please do not submerge drill into water. To clean brushes and scrubs, remove them from drill ,rinse with warm water then place till dry.
3. For safety, remember to wear goggle or eye protection in case cleaning agents are thrown from the brush as it spins.


Product Features

  • ✅ 16 in 1 Power Scrubber Brush Cleaner Set – Includes 4 different stiffness nylon brushes. (2 inch white soft brush, yellow medium cone brush, 4 inch yellow medium brush, 4 inch red stiff brush and 5 inch black hard brush), also come with 6 pieces different stiffness scouring pads, 3 pieces scrub sponge, 1 piece corresponding scrubber connector and a 6 inch reach extension.
  • ✅ All Purpose Drill Brush Supplies – This ultimate drill brush kit allows you to tackle any cleaning application, perfect for grout, bathtubs, brick, upholstery, sink, shower ,toilet, tiles, marble, ceramic, carpet, car, wheel, bathroom surface cleaning. Additionally Scrubs can be used for removing mineral deposit from cookware and kitchen sinks. Nylon bristles will not scratch your bathtub and shower tile surfaces.
  • ✅ Faster & Deeper Clean – 6-inch extension tool allows you to clean those hard to reach spot, like the areas behind things, i.e. inner part of your toilet. The extension attachment can lock the brushes tightly and make precise control. Get stubborn cleaning jobs done faster and achieve a deeper clean, definitely a good partner for your household cleaning. (DRILL IS NOT INCLUDED)
  • ✅ Fit Most of Drills – Power scrubber drill brush fits to both cord and cordless drills or impact driver, 1/4 inch steel shaft, easy access with your drill and are safe to use, quick connection by sliding right into your drill then simply tighten and become a powerful cleaning tool.
  • ✅ Durable Material Drill Brush Attachment – Buddy Pro drill brush attachment set is made of durable bristles, not scratch, high chemical resistance enable this stiffness power brushes be your reliable choice of long-lasting cleaning tool.


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