2 Door Stainless Steel Dorm Size Refrigerator

December 29, 2018 - Comment
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3.1 cu ft refrigerator Adjustable thermostat control. Stainless steel look. Dimensions: 19″W x 21″D x 33″H

Product Features

  • 3.1 cu ft refrigerator
  • 2 door with true freezer door
  • Adjustable thermostat control
  • Stainless steel look
  • Dimensions: 19″W x 21″D x 33″H


Anonymous says:

Very Nice Great Dorm Fridge. It is really cold so don’t set above level 4 or it will freeze up. Did have a DP explode..but now we have it down to the right temp it is perfect.

Anonymous says:

It could be fixed so easily! Otherwise Why do all refrigerators (and freezers), regardless of manufacturer or size, have doors with nothing at the bottom of the compartment to hold things in? If it is smaller than a bottled drink, or even if it is a single item that could slip sideways, anything there can fall out when you open the door. It could be fixed so easily!Otherwise, yes, this is a cold box. If you need a cold box, this does that job. It looks decent and appears to be reliable after 3-4 months now.

Anonymous says:

Looks great in doing its job well So far so good came in good shape in brand new looks great too it works great as well i have no complaints so far the lil buddy doing its job pretty well 5 stars from me love it i plan on putting it n my basement or garage wen I upgrade to a bigger refrigerator this is excellent for now tho money well spent for me

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