4moms New Reversible and Machine Washable Newborn Insert – Soft, Plush Fabric

June 12, 2019 - Comment
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The 4moms Newborn Insert fits perfectly with both the 4moms mamaRoo and 4moms rockaRoo infant seats. It provides additional comfort and support for your newborn just where they need it. The multi plush fabric insert is machine-washable and reversible.

Product Features

  • Machine washable
  • Reversible design
  • Fits 4moms mamaRoo
  • Fits 4moms rockaRoo


Anonymous says:

A neccessity if you’re going to use your MamaRoo with a newborn!!! This insert made ALL the difference when we finally purchased it to use with our MamaRoo. For over a month I tried strategically placing a blanket in the swing to try and get my daughter to fit comfortably, but it never worked. I finally broke down and bought the newborn insert and was instantly pleased with how she sat in the MamoRoo with it. It was obvious that she was much more comfortable as well!So you’re probably wondering, why only 3 stars then?Well first off,…

Anonymous says:

Too small, too flat — big disappointment Disappointed in this insert 🙁 Our newborn was 8+ lbs and 21”; this insert is simply too short, too small, and TOO FLAT to provide any support. Don’t waste your money on this. A better option would be to use a standard newborn head/ body insert such as you would use in an infant car seat, stroller, etc., to help in the Mamaroo. (And yes — it is ridiculous that 4Moms does not include a head support with the very pricey Mamaroo anyway!)

Anonymous says:

Definitely made for SMALL newborns… We bought a Mamaroo for our 2.5 month old and quickly realized that we needed the insert. I ordered one right away and used the insert from his carseat while we waited for it to be delivered. Unfortunately the Mamaroo insert doesn’t fit him nearly as well, he’s far too tall for it. Obviously it’s meant for a newborn, but I’m slightly disappointed that it doesn’t work for bigger babies given the shaping of the Mamaroo seat. But it’s cute and seems to be made well… just didn’t fit out needs.

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