AODOOR Windproof Ashtray with Lid, Stainless Steel Cigarette Ashtray for Outdoor or Indoor Use, Modern Flip Top Ashtray for Smokers, Suitable forTabletop, Patio, Office & Home Decoration

June 13, 2019 - Comment
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Every smoker needs a cenicero to ash, it’s better to smoke outside rather than inside of your home. Sometimes, it can be cold winter blizzards or torrential summer downpours that prevent smokers from stepping outside to light up. Other times, it simply may not make sense to get up and walk all of the way outside every single time that you want to have a smoke – especially in larger buildings and apartments. Beside, an unforeseen effect of banning smoking inside restaurants, cafes & pubs – and also inside hotel/motel rooms etc was that all smokers have been forced outside. Additionally, the growing popularity of outdoor – curbside – courtyard dining has exacerbated the problem of cigarette butt litter. Feature: 100% marine-grade stainless steel 100% rust and corrosion resistant Washable – even dishwasher safe A snug sealing lid that eliminates smouldering butts AODOOR windproof ashtrays eradicate the problem of wind blown butts, ash and embers. AODOOR windproof ashtrays enclose butts, ash, embers and smoke in a sealed chamber. AODOOR ashtrays are stylish, strong and durable and cheap. SPECIFICATIONS: Windproof Ashtray Dimensions Approximate: φ100 x 45H mm Windproof Ashtray Weight Approximate: 190g   PACKAGE CONTENTS: AODOOR Windproof Ashtray x 1

Product Features

  • WINDPROOF ASHTRAY: Simply open the AODOOR windproof ashtray, a cigarette holder welded to the inside of the lid that is very convenient which means you’re ready to smoke. Then just let the ashtray do the rest. What a nice gift for men, women and other smokers.
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: AODOOR newest modern cigarette ashtray is made of 100% marine-grade stainless steel and 100% rust and corrosion resistant with was conveniently designed for clean in just a matter of minutes with a damp cloth, cotton swabs, q-tips or dishwasher cleaning.
  • BREAK-RESISTANT & BURN-RESISTANT: AODOOR tabletop ashtray is made of stainless steel construction. Ash tray having high quality and sits nicely and presentably when placed. It even has a nice, little resting spot for your unfinished cig. What a nice decorative ashtray!
  • MINIMALIST DECORATION: A great time for a AODOOR ashtray with lid, especially when you can find ones that complement your aesthetic or general sense of whimsy. Therefore AODOOR cigarette ashtray with lid is as stylish as it is durable, it defintely a great choice for gift for smokers.
  • 100% GUARANTEE: NOT FOR AGE UNDER 18 YEARS OLD. AODOOR offers you a 100% money back guarantee within 1 year warranty! If you have any questions, please inbox us anytime.


Anonymous says:

AODOOR Windproof Ashtray with Lid, Stainless Steel Cigarette Ashtray for Outdoor or Indoor Use I bought an item similar to this at a yard sale (see pics) but it doesn’t have a cigarette holder or completely open. Maybe for a tea light? This Aodoor ashtray is much larger than expected which isn’t a bad thing and it has a smooth bottom. .My son-in-law wanted a cigarette ashtray with holder so this was a great score for me. I know he will just love it on his birthday in August, hope I can wait. Nice quality, convenient, and no butts on the ground!

Anonymous says:

Great Gift! Seals tight, empties easy! Ok? Who am I fooling – no one. Purchased this as a travel “thingy”, checked baggage only!!, [it is heavy and steel] I smoke and places I’ve stayed have less than nice concepts about me or us(?). Just wanted to get something to use as an ashtry w/lid to keep everything under control until I could seal them away in the trash. Most places provide – no outside facilities. Just didn’t want anyone yelling – “Who’s smoking? I smell smoke… smoke trash on the ground!”. I’m 70+ yrs old -…

Anonymous says:

Throwback Stainless Steel Windproof Ashtray Haven’t seen a windproof ashtray with a lid in this style in a long time. You know, they are kinda windproof but they are better at containing ashes from spreading. If need be, it is dishwasher safe and just wipe off to keep clean. Since it is made of marine grade stainless steel it is rust resistant. I like it and it will do well in the patio smoking area.

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