CATIYA 12V Constant Voltage 100W LED Driver Transformer, Outdoor Low Voltage Waterproof Power Supply Adapter for Led Landscape Lighting

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Professional Manufacturer of Waterproof LED Driver Transformer in China
12V Dimmable Series Please Search ASIN: B07D3BPFBD
12V Indoor Series Please Search ASIN: B07CK1QZ9T , B07FLLX2QH
12V Ultra-thin Series Please Search ASIN: B07CK5BM9R , B07CK57RQ2 , B07CK1M6XJ

24V Waterproof Series Please Search ASIN: B07FLS2K8B , B07FLJMVTS

CATIYA Waterproof Series 12V100W Constant Voltage LED Driver Transformer
This high quality power supply transformer converts household AC current to 12V DC, Used for any electronic devices that operate on 12V DC and require less than 100Watts of power, Such as constant voltage LED Driver, Digital Equipment, Instrumentation, Home Appliances, Loudspeaker Box, Security Monitoring, CCTV, Communications Equipment.

* Output Voltage: 12V DC
* Output Current: 8.3A
* Rated Power: 100 Watts
* Input Voltage: 90-265V AC 50/60Hz
* Cord Length: 50inch AC Side Wire, 10inch DC Side Wire
* Reliable IC Solution, High Efficiency, High Reliability, Long Lifetime.
* 100% Burn-in Test, Full-round Test.
* Short-Circuit Protection.
* Over-Load Protection.
* Over-Voltage Protection.
* Over-Current Protection.
* Over-Temperature Protection.
* Easy Installation, Cooling by Free Air Convection.
* Strong Compatibility, Flicker-free, Suitable for LED Lighting, CCTV Camera and Others Electronic Equipment.
* Full Protection Aviation Aluminum Housing, IP67 Waterproof Level for Indoor and Outdoor Location Use.
* Certification: UL, CCC, CE, ROHS etc, 3 Years Warranty.
* Compliance to Worldwide Safety Regulations for Lighting.

Package Included:
1 x 12V100W Constant Voltage Waterproof LED Driver Transformer

More information, please feel free to contact us. Look forward to cooperation with you.

Product Features

  • Input Voltage: AC 90-265V 50/60Hz, Output Voltage: DC 12V, 8.3A, Rated Power: 100 Watts.
  • 100% Full-load Burn-in Test, Short-circuit, Over-load, Over-voltage, Over-current, Over-temperature Protection. Cooling by Free Air Convection.
  • Reliable IC Solution, High Efficiency, Long Lifetime, Stable and Reliability. Laser Printing Label, Full Protection Aviation aluminum Housing, IP67 Waterproof Rating for Indoor and Outdoor Location Use.
  • Strong Compatibility, Flicker-free, Suitable for LED Lighting, CCTV Camera and Others Electronic Equipment. Easy Installation, Standard US Electrical Socket Plug.
  • Compliance to Worldwide Safety Regulations for Lighting, Products Certification: UL, CCC, CE, ROHS etc. 3 Years Warranty & Service. You Can Purchase with Confidence.


Anonymous says:

Very High Quality Unit. I installed LED RGB lights above and below several feet of cabinets and bar top. Ended up with about 40′ of lights plus 20′ of extension wire. This obviously overloaded the power supply that came with the lights. Figuring I needed about a 100W power supply I did some searching and decided on the Catiya 150W unit. This is a very high quality unit and is finished in a beautiful black/silver finish. It’s just a beautiful piece of equipment. Anyway, it’s supplying 98W of power to the lights…

Anonymous says:

Nicely done power supply for LED projects or other 12V 100W need Bought this to power my LED under cabinet strip light project. I was estimating right at 60W of power at12V but wanted some margin so the power supply would not strain itself and/or run hot in a confined non-ventilated space with my 25 foot wiring runs to 2 of the 3 areas in the kitchen. In general, I would suggest NOT operating any of these type supplies (from any supplier) at more than 80% of their rated capacity, regardless of their safety certification status. Even then, monitor their…

Anonymous says:

Works great, takes a few seconds to fill capacitors and put power through. I wired it up to the existing old plug, and away I went. Powering 3 upper cabinets covered in LED strips. My mother was going to pay 60$ through Grainger for this but they didn’t have an exact match, and it would have taken even longer to get here. She couldn’t decide which one to get (she’s retired age, set in her ways, ways that don’t really exist anymore, even here in the laid back country-side) I just went ahead and ordered it anyways. Without saying a thing I hooked it up, and it’s…

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