Clorox Pool&Spa Pool Care Kit for Small Pools

June 13, 2019 - Comment
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Clorox Pool&Spa pool care kit for small pools contains 1.5 lb. Chlorinating tablets, 1 lb. Shock, 10 ct. 6-Way test Strips & a small pool care guide. Use only with pools that have a water re-circulating system (pump) & filter.

Product Features

  • Chlorinating Tablets – Kill Bacteria and keeps water clean
  • Shock – Clears cloudy water and removes organic contaminants
  • 6-Way Test Strips


Anonymous says:

We used it for our Polygroup Summer Waves Pool This care kit is so affordable and easy to use. If you use their website it can write out the perfect prescription for your pool. Be prepared to spend more and buy lots of extra chemical almost immediately, this is why I didn’t give it 5 stars. You will need PH up and PH down as well as lime and scales.

Anonymous says:

Works Great! Basically everything you need for a small pool. I used it for a “kiddy pool” 500 gallons about. In combination with a floating adjustable distributor this kept the pool clean all season.

Anonymous says:

Easy to use This is a great starter kit. You will need much more than you get in this kit but I’d never owned a pool before and this was helpful. Download the Clorox pool app and your pool will always be clean.

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