Cushion Grip Non-skid Area Rug Pad for 8-Feet Round Rug

June 15, 2019 - Comment
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After finding the ideal area rug for your living space, you’ll appreciate the Cushion Grip Rug Pad. This durable rug pad keeps area rugs firmly in place thanks to its specially engineered texture. Made from polymer-coated polyester, this rug pad prevents scratches on your hardwood floors and it makes vacuuming easier, too. All of this extends the life of your rug. The pad is naturally anti-microbial. It comes in several sizes, the dimensions of which are approximate, but it can also be easily cut to perfectly fit your area rug.

Product Features

  • For use on all hard surface floors to prevent scratching
  • Naturally antimicrobial, hand washable, and easy to cut to size
  • Extends life of rug and keeps rugs in place


Anonymous says:

Would recommend. Decent rug cushion/grip. Size was exactly as decribed, just smaller than a 5×8 rug (so that it doesn’t show) and is holding our rug firmly in place. Only complaint was the smell as it came out of the package, but it disappated quickly enough, so don’t worry if yours smells when you open it. Would recommend.

Anonymous says:

Best in class Purchased because of The Sweethome recommendation. Was amazed at just how substantial the material was – much better than what you see at Lowes/HomeDepot.

Anonymous says:

Very happy Fit under my new rug almost perfectly! I was able to trim it with a regular pair of sizzors. I bought this to go under a new cheap oriental style carpet in the dining room. Since I spent so little on the rug, I didn’t want to spend a lot on a pad but needed one to keep people from slipping. This pad is virtually identical to the ones for sale at the place I take rugs to be professionally cleaned and I expect much more economical.

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