eScreen – Best Screen Cleaning Technology – Superior, Safe and Effective Screen Cleaner for All Electronics and Precious Glass Surfaces.

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Superior, Safe and Effective cleaning of precious glass surfaces. Have you eScreened today?

Product Features

  • Safe and effective cleaning for iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch, HD TVs, Computer Monitors, eBooks, Navigation Systems, eyeglasses/sunglasses, camera lens, POS Screens and other sensitive glass surfaces.
  • One 8 oz. bottle and three 2 oz. bottle along with four high quality microfiber cloths
  • Alchohol-free, Ammonia-free and silicone-free
  • Developed from the specialty cleaning technology platform of Intersurface Dynamics, Inc.
  • Made in USA. Scratch Free washable Microfiber cloths.


Anonymous says:

Great stuff This stuff has worked great on everything I’ve tried it on: laptop screens, smart phone screen, eyeglasses, Under Armour sunglasses, and binocular lenses. My ONLY complaint would be about the quantity you have to buy. It should be possible to buy just one or two small spray bottles & microfiber cloths. Even with all the things I’m using this on, it will take me a LONG time to use up this supply! But its great to have just one cleaner I can take with me to the field that will effectively…

Anonymous says:

Versatile, Effortless, Clean. You know, I was shopping Amazon for both a monitor and TV cleaning solution and separately was looking for eyeglass cleaner. Well, then I stumbled on eScreen. I run a dual monitor setup with two LED/LCD monitors, and am a regular glasses wearer, usually about 8+ hours a day (the rest is contacts, but alas). This stuff worked fantastic on cleaning up my monitors without leaving any smudges, and didn’t even need two or three attempts. It simply cleaned after the first application.For…

Anonymous says:

No streaks. No smears. Wonderful. As an ex-computer tech, I seldom wax rhapsodic about glass cleaner. However, after years of trying to remove every type of smeary soap, detergent, alcohol, glass cleaner, etc., after “cleaning” something, I have been pretty suspicious of any new claims. However, the combination of this plus the microfiber cloths (which appear to have finer threads than most dishcloths) have done just a marvelous job on the first 4 or 5 jobs. This is just what they are supposed to do.Now I can get a…

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