Garage Door Window Magnets by Jones Mountain Decorative Faux Magnetic Window Decals for 2-Car Metal Garage Doors Outdoor Pre-Cut for Easy Install with Magnetic Ruler Made in USA (6-Pane Arch Style)

June 14, 2019 - Comment
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Proper spacing requires 10″ of vertical space. Make sure the raised area of your garage panels are at least 10″ tall.

Our unique designs will add instant curb appeal to your home in just minutes! Our magnets are pre-cut so you never have to worry about having to cut them yourself. They are designed for outdoor use and made of heavy, curl-resistant magnetic sheeting with an additional UV-resistant vinyl surface for increased durability and added protection from Mother Nature. Don’t settle for thin, cheap imported magnets. These magnets are Made in the USA! And don’t forget the included magnetic ruler! It makes it so much easier to make sure all your magnets are aligned perfectly without the fuss of tape and uneven spacing.

Product Features

  • UNIQUE PRE-CUT DESIGNS – Choose a design to fit your style and the style of your home. Add curb appeal in just a few minutes! Proper spacing REQUIRES 10″ of vertical space. Make sure the raised area of your garage panels are AT LEAST 10″ tall.
  • STRONG OUTDOOR MAGNETS – Our curl-resistant heavy-duty magnets stay in place while still allowing you to adjust them as needed.
  • DESIGNED FOR THE ELEMENTS – Our solid black magnets are designed for outdoor use with an additional UV-resistant vinyl surface for increased durability and protection from the elements.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – No tools or tape needed, just use our INCLUDED MAGNETIC RULER to evenly measure and space your magnets and in minutes you can enjoy the new look of your garage door!
  • EACH SET INCLUDES: 48 pre-cut 6-PANE ARCH STYLE heavy-duty outdoor magnets, installation instructions and a magnetic ruler.


Anonymous says:

Easy Install I was skeptical but wanted to try this for my garage. Installation was easy thanks to the handy magnetic ruler that came with the decals. I also purchased the magnetic handles for the door. It looks great, my neighbor thought we had purchased a new door! Of course you can tell they are magnets when you are closer to the house but I don’t care, I like them. BTW we haven’t had any problem with them coming off when we open the garage door. Hopefully they last a long time because they look great.

Anonymous says:

Looks great! Looks great! Up close they look like stickers but from a couple yards away they look great. Super easy to install took 10 minutes.

Anonymous says:

Matte These are just rectangle refrigerator magnets that come in a sheet that you have to break apart yourself. Most of these products are shiny so it looks like glass windows; these are not, they’re matte, so they really don’t look like windows. More like holes in your garage door. They also didnt fit the boxes that were on my garage door, so I would have to cut them substantially to get it to look right, but I didnt measure before ordering and all doors are different, so I cant really complain…

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