GLAS Smart Thermostat by Johnson Controls, Translucent OLED Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Mobile App, Works with Amazon Alexa

June 13, 2019 - Comment
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The GLAS smart thermostat by Johnson Controls is the perfect blend of form and function. Featuring a vibrant translucent OLED touchscreen, the clearly smart thermostat maintains a comfortable space while it saves energy and monitors air quality. For easy voice control, GLAS works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and is built with Microsoft Cortana. The GLAS by JCI smart thermostat app allows you to easily tweak the temperature from anywhere.

Product Features

  • Indoor air quality monitoring including humidity, total VOCs and equivalent CO2
  • Outdoor air quality reporting including allergens, air quality index and UV index. Compatability GLAS can control the following types of split or packaged units- Conventional, single stage up to 2H/2C, Heat pump, up to 2H/2C/2 Aux Heat. GLAS is compatible with the following HVAC configurations- Gas Heat, Oil Heat,Electric Heat,Ground-, Air-, and Water-source heat pumps, Dual-fuel support for Heat Pump
  • Built with Microsoft Cortana and works with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant
  • Beautiful user interface and a translucent OLED touchscreen
  • Program your own schedule or allow GLAS to do it for you using the integrated occupancy sensor to create a comfortable space when you are at home
  • Mobile connectivity with free GLAS by JCI smart thermostat mobile app available for smart phones and tablets on both iOS and Android
  • Control multiple GLAS thermostats in different locations with one mobile app
  • Remote software updates means the GLAS smart thermostat keeps getting better
  • Straightforward installation instructions and online compatibility checker
  • 7 day scheduling allows you to schedule multiple events per day


Anonymous says:

Looks great on the wall! Functions need to be improved. First off, I know this is a new product so I don’t expect it to be perfect out of the box but it seems some software things can be improved compared to other smart thermostats I’ve had. The installation was pretty much the same as any thermostat installation with everything needed was included. The screen does look very nice, it is not high resolution but does the job for a thermostat and has the futuristic look you’ve been wanting. The thermostat seems to keep the temperature pretty stable but…

Anonymous says:

Biggest piece of crap! manufacturer sold this knowing the software isn’t working right. Have had it 10 days now. The app never worked and the thermostat kept randomly shutting off but it would eventually reboot. I live in Florida and just went away for the weekend. Came home to a house that was about 98 degrees. The thermostat is dead. Won’t come back on and it’s Sunday night. I called customer service. Kept getting discineected after pressing 1. Finally got hold of someone and she had me reboot and still…

Anonymous says:

More than a beautiful industrial design — but, gosh, it is beautiful on the wall. I’m a huge fan of the GLAS thermostats that I just installed in my house. It was a breeze to install the two thermostats. The whole process took less than an hour for both, and included getting Cortana and Alexa up and running. The app is snappy and easy to use, but I think the greatest utility for a homeowner is the medical grade air quality sensor that the folks at Johnson put into this thermostat. It has been fascinating to troubleshoot high humidity issues and volatile organic compound…

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