GoControl Thermostat, Z-Wave, Battery-Powered, Works with Alexa

June 15, 2019 - Comment
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The go control z-wave battery-powered smart thermostat is a battery-powered z-wave thermostat that connects to all z-wave hubs including the 2gig gc2 panel, giving you control over your homes comfort wherever you are. This model is designed to be incredibly easy to install and includes a front-loading battery compartment to hold 4 aa batteries to power the thermostat for 2 full years. Or, it can be powered by the hvac systems 24-volt ac c-wire. The 7-character scrolling display makes programming simple.

Product Features

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, Alexa device and hub sold separately).
  • Z-wave Compatible With Version 4.4.4
  • Supports Z-wave Flirs Functionality. The GC-TBZ48 works with most contemporary Central HVAC systems whether standard or heat pump which makes this thermostat a great solution for all retrofit or new construction needs. Wall mount or mounts on single-gang junction box
  • Works On Standard Hvac Systems With 2-stage Heat & 2-stage Cool
  • Works On Heat Pump Hvac Systems With 3-stage Heat & 2-stage Cool


Anonymous says:

Terrible battery life It’s inexpensive and it mostly does what it’s supposed to do but the battery life claim is nonsense. I’ve had this installed for 5 months and have already replaced the batteries twice. What’s more troubling is that when this device is used with the standard SmartThings device handler, you cannot use the app or WebCoRE to see the battery level and have to go to the setup menu on the thermostat to see how much battery life is left. And when the batteries die, the thermostat simply stops working…

Anonymous says:

Good reasonably priced ZWave thermostat I’ve bought few of these thermostats, they work well. They look modern with large easy to read display, easy and intuitive operation. They replaced my touch screen Honeywell thermostat and I was happy to find out that they fitted perfectly, even mounting holes.In regards to Z-Wave:The thermostat will continue to operate even if ZWave controller goes down. It will maintain the last settings. You can adjust them manually if needed, like on any other thermostat. In case you use…

Anonymous says:

Alexa, Let’s Get It On I purchased this specifically to use Alexa, WINK and IFTT to “trigger” turning our gas fireplace on and off. This is the only thermostat that I could find that would work with this configuration. Since the existing thermostat wiring doesn’t have a common wire, this ruled out all of the home automation thermostat options like Nest. It requires batteries, but changing those out once a year isn’t a big deal.It works. Now we can just say “Alexa, trigger firetime” or…

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