Good Vibrations 130 Clean Machine Nonstick Mower Protectant

June 15, 2019 - Comment
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Good vibrations meteor 130 clean machine nonstick mower protectant

Product Features

  • Nonstick mower protectant
  • Clean Machine series
  • Makes clean up easy
  • Creates hard protective shield against grass, dirt and rust
  • Teflon surface protector bonds for Ultimate Protection


Anonymous says:

Junk! Prepped mower deck thoroughly, this stuff never dried, just remained a slippery, slimy mess that ATTRACTS gunk. Eck! Reading other reviews, I thought maybe others had bad prep so didn’t get good results. I used this on my riding mower deck. Scraped then power washed it right down to either metal or paint that was still adhered well. Primered and painted the entire deck fresh, and let cure for a few days until the paint was nicely done. Sprayed a light coating of this crap, and following directions waited 30 minutes before applying a light second coat. Even after 30 minutes, it was just a slick, oily…

Anonymous says:

This product works, saves time. January is mower maintenance time. After a season of mowing four acres once per week, I removed the mower deck and flipped it over for my annual scrapping and wire brushing of the usual accumulated gunk. The deck was clean; completely clean. This saved me a lot of time and nasty work. I will apply a fresh coat of Clean Machine for the upcoming season.

Anonymous says:

far better than stopping a third of the way through the … I was skeptical and dubious of this product’s claims. I had been hosing down the underside of the deck of my Toro 4260 Time Cutter 42″ ZTR mower with the mulch kit with WD-40 before the beginning of each season, which would give some relief from the clogging created by the heavy spring growth and usually-wet early season mowing on my one-acre lot. I tried this stuff last season, and it ended the clogging problem, even when mowing at the 3.5 inch setting. Maybe others who are crying about…

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