GVSHINE [6W Panel Foldable] Solar Mobile Light System, Solar Home DC System Kit, 3.7V Lithium Battery – 6W Foldable Panel Solar Home System Kit – Including 3 Cell Phone Charger – 2 LED Lights

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Solar Mobile Light System:
This solar mobile lighting system comprises of solar panel, controller with premium lithium battery inside, LED bulbs and related wires. It features the benefit of environmental friendly, safe, easy to install, versatile utility, widely used for wild and home lighting.

Waterproof: IP44 Solar panel: Polycrystalline 5V 6W
Battery: Lithium battery,3.7V 8AH
Light source: 2x2W LED light bulbs with 5 meter wire

1.Mobile Charging Outlet: Output 5V 2A, cellphone full charge 2.5 times, with circuit over-discharge protection, save power automatically: turn to sleeping mode after 10 minutes once at ON position without any output load, the indicator light turn off. The outlet starts to export power it connect to any load again automatically.
2.Solar panel charging time: about 4-6 hours(strong and direct light)
3.Illumination time after battery fully charged:1x2W—12hours; 2x2W—6hours.
4.System lifetime: Solar panel 15 years,LED bulb 5 years, lithium battery 2-3 years.
5.Power display indicator light: the power of battery falls into 4 categories(from level 1 power close to zero to level 4 close to full power):Power level 1—red light flickering; Power level 2—red light stays on; Power level 3—orange light stays on; Power level 4—green light stays on.

System Accessories:
1. 2 pc 5 meter wire for each of 2W LED light with ON/OFF switch. Solar panel with 5 meter wire.
2. 1 pc of cellphone charging wire,1 meter long, with ordinary android plug.1 pc of converter plug for Iphone 4, 1 pc of converter plug for Iphone 5.
3. 2 pcs Tapping screw, 2 pcs plastic anchor.

Product Features

  • 💚 New Product Promotion!!! HKYH patented solar lighting system is a completely independent off-grid power system,with a foldable solar panel with larger power output.
  • 💚 It can add illumination to need areas,or use the 5V 2A to quickly charge cellphone and digital devices.
  • 💚 It’s perfect choice for camping, fishing, farming or anyplace without electrical supply.It’s also a complementary lighting for emergency and indoor.
  • 💚 The controller box has a rechargeable lithium battery inside.The inicator light on the box shows the amount of power stored.Green light means close to full power.Flickering red light means few or very few power left.
  • 💚 For more detailed information please check the description below.


Anonymous says:

Good light system for remote locations This is for the 6w 2 bulb system. I brought this to Guatemala with me and installed for a family here with no electric on a farm. They have a cell phone to keep in touch with the owner but no way to charge on site. I put the solar panel on the clay tile roof and used wire ties to mount the bulbs and battery pack. The 4 kids that live here were very excited to have light. If any light is on the solar panel you have to unplug the panel to turn on the lights, but the 5v for phone charging works…

Anonymous says:

Amazing Light Kit at an incredible price – tested and buying more I had been eyeing a different solar mobile light kit for over a year only to find out when I had both the money and the project ready for it that it had been discontinued by the company. I am so THRILLED that I found this kit as a replacement – not only was it about half the cost of the one I had originally been eyeing thus saving me money, it works fabulously. While I haven’t had a chance to install it officially in my new tiny house where it will eventually live with 2-3 more kits that I am…

Anonymous says:

It’s worthwhile for emergency lighting during a blackout. This is for the smaller 2 bulb version, as they seem to put the reviews for both versions together.The system does work as advertised and the 2 watt bulbs put out a decent amount of light. It will run one bulb for 12 hours and two bulbs for 6 hours.Just a few nitpicks:1-The panels are NOT foldable as advertised as there is no hinge. When you attach the panels together using the supplied hardware, it is rigid. So if you need it to collapse into a backpack you will have to…

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