Hasegawa Ladders Step Ladder, Black

June 15, 2019 - Comment
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Never hide it away. The luxe lucano step stool transforms an ordinary household item into a slim, graceful work of art. open size: W 22.75″ x (platform top) h 42″ x d 38.25″(safety bar top) h 59″

Product Features

  • As a ladder: for Domestic use, we have four different sizes: the lucano 1-step, lucano 2-steps, lucano 3-steps and lucano 4-steps. The stepping Height varies from 9 1/2″ to 46 1/2″. we are sure there will be a size that fits your needs.
  • As a stool: simply put a lucano ladder next to your front and you will have a convenient stool to sit on when putting on or taking off shoes and boots. In fact, lucano can be Placed anywhere in the room to give you a place to Take a Rest.
  • As a display: place a Board on Top of lucano ladders and you will have the perfect platform to display your product. Or simply utilize each Individual step for smaller goods such as sneakers and belts etc.
  • Special features 1. Safety bar: the safety bar, which is under the platform, is a crucial Part of the whole design. It is to make sure the ladder is Unfolded correctly. If the ladder is not Opened up to the required angle, it will lose stability and Raise safety issues. When the safety bar is fully extended, it will make a click sound to notify the user too.
  • Inspiration: from an ordinary person’s point of view, aluminum ladders are always seen as an object that is dull. It is a tool that you would use from time to time reach something you Need. After its task is over, it is hidden somewhere in the cupboard or in the garage so it’s out of the Way. Here in hasegawa, we want to give ladders New definition. We want to make Our ladders into a piece of art that can be displayed at home. We want people to see Our ladders as a Part of their interior, use it to decorate their rooms, and make their lives more convenient and safer.
  • 2. Stand alone: the angle of the bottom of lucano’s legs touches the floor entirely, making the ladder safe and stable for anyone to put weight on. Moreover, when the ladder is folded together, the angle creates a perfect balance with the legs, and the ladder can stand up by itself. No Need to worry about your ladders smashing to the floor when it’s leaning against a Wall anymore.
  • 3. The handle from Our lucano 3-steps and 4-steps can help support your legs when you are Standing on the Top platform. Hence you can work with both hands in the Air and still feel really secure.


Anonymous says:

which was very nice! I re-ordered a ladder from elsewhere and am … I will be doing a review on this product, but I did have to return this specific order. I ordered with full knowledge that the box was damaged. It clearly stated that the ladder was not damaged though. When it arrived the product was damaged inside the damaged box. The company gave me no issues in returning it, which was very nice! I re-ordered a ladder from elsewhere and am so happy with it, I wanted others to know how great the product is. I call it a ladder because it is so much…

Anonymous says:

A step stool/ladder we can live with We live in a loft with 15′ to 16′ ceilings. To stash all of our stuff, we created storage space up to nine feet up. With this step stool, we can get to most of what stored high up and, because it is an attractive ladder (great Italian red), we don’t mind leaving it out and about. It’s not too heavy, and appears to be well-constructed, and we feel pretty secure on it. It’s not cheap, however. The price reflects a the fine design.

Anonymous says:

Beautiful ladder. Durable and high quality Beautiful ladder. Durable and high quality. It looks like a piece of designer furniture. I keep it in my kitchen to reach high cabinets and receive compliments on it all the time.

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