Heavenly Peace Dark Blue Small Keepsake Urn for Human Ashes – Qnty 1 – Beautiful Classic Sharing Urn with Velvet Case

October 13, 2018 - Comment
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Heavenly Peace Dark Blue Small Keepsake Urns For Your Loved Ones Remains and A Loving Remembrance.

If you’re recently bereaved, you need a high quality cremation urn that has been made with love, so you can honor the memory of the dearly deceased.

• These beautiful mini cremation keepsake urns are handcrafted and each unique to give your loved one’s remains the superior quality they deserve.

• Made from polished nickel plated solid brass to make sure the remains of your beloved rest in these durable cremation urns.

• Every time you, your friends and family see see their urn, you will see a fitting tribute to the one you love and they lived and you shared together.

The Perfect Lasting Memory

This high quality mini keepsake cremation urn includes the following features:
– This urn is small, 2.75 inches tall and hold only a small amount of remains
– They have a threaded secure screw on lid to keep remains safe
– Includes classy satin fabric lined velvet box to carry, store and safeguard your urns.
– Also can be used to store a lock of hair or other small mementos or remembrances
– Also suitable for the ashes of pet

90-DAY MANUFACTURER’S MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We’re confident you’ll cherish this urn for human ashes, but if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

Product Features

      • BEAUTIFUL URN FOR YOUR CHERISHED LOVED ONES – Heavenly Peace Dark Blue Small Cremation Keepsake Urns For Human Ashes were created to be a beautiful tribute to your late loved ones. This is a very comforting and thoughtful way to celebrate and remember the wonderful life your loved ones had lived. You will feel very peaceful as your loved ones remains rest in this beautiful urn.
    • A BEAUTIFUL WAY OF REMEMBERING YOUR LOVED ONE – This Set of 2 Dark Blue Small Cremation Keepsake Urns features a very beautiful design. It is a respectful and wonderful tribute to your late loved ones. It is also a very memorable gift to those family members who would also want to carry and beautiful lasting memory of your loved one.
    • THIS DURABLE AND HIGH QUALITY URN IS MADE TO LAST THE TEST OF TIME – These Dark Blue Keepsake Urns is made from the highest quality of material with superior craftsmanship and strict quality control. Each urn features a secure screw on lid and was built to last to make sure that your loved ones are given with nothing but utmost respect.
    • INCLUDES LOVELY SATIN FABRIC LINED VELVET CASE – Each urn in this set of 2 includes a beautiful and comforting velvet case that are perfect for carrying, storing and safegaurding your urns until you are ready to pass them out to their final owner. Lastly out of respect we don’t put our logo on the bag or case, its a sacred urn, not a place for an advertisement.
      • THIS URNS WILL LEAVE YOU COMPLETELY SATISFIED OR FULL REFUND – Trupoint Memorials is a company who cares for you, your family, and your late loved one. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just return them for a full refund.


Barby says:

How kind & comforting it as to talk with someone at a sad, sad time in my live. Mike was so very kind. I just sent in a review and then found another email from Mike. His time & patience with me were truly awesome. The urns were for my wonderful Mother who passed away last weekend & he went out of his way to make sure I had enough urns for my kids & Granddaughters sent his condolences. What a kind man you are, Mike!Thanks Again,Barb KernPS: Amazon, would it be possible for you to ask Mike to email me? I have some questions about “The Neptune…

Aguilar88 says:

Warning:may illicit squeals when you see how cute these mini urns are..and beautiful.My grandpa is displayed in style! These urns are beautiful, super cute, functional, and affordable. The seller packaged them great so I didn’t have to deal with broken or damaged items. The only downside is the latch on the outside display box is cheap every time I open it I am afraid it will break. However, I have mine displayed so I’m not really going to be opening and closing the box all that often so it should be fine, however, a superior latch would have really completed this item for me. This is still a great item and I…

Amazon Customer says:

Perfect I purchased this set of mini keepsake urns to give my Aunts and Uncles a small portion of my dads ashes. I am so happy I bought them!They arrived quickly. They come in a velvet box and each urn was wrapped to prevent damage. The set also includes 4 small velvet bags.These urns are great quality! They are very well made. The caps screw on for secure closer. They hold about 4 teaspoons of ashes. The detail and color are beautiful!

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