Hunter 44360 Set and Save 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

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Hunter’s 7-Day Set & $ave digital programmable thermostat allows maximum versatility in customizing your home’s heating and cooling needs. This feature-rich unit has everything you could need to ensure simple operation and convenience.Create the ideal indoor climate for a particular household’s daily needs while conserving energy with this Energy Star-compliant programmable thermostat from Hunter. Users program for each day of the week, enabling the thermostat to automatically heat up at dawn on a cold morning or to run the air conditioner for longer hours over a summer weekend. By adjusting the thermostat to operate primarily when household members are home, the device reduces wasted energy and minimizes the size of the electric bill in addition to maximizing comfort.

The programmable thermostat accommodates most any 24-volt and millivolt furnace and cooling system that features a single-stage heat pump. Temperatures range from 32 to 99 degrees F and are conveyed with exactitude on an easy-to-read Indiglo display. For sudden or fleeting weather changes, users may opt to temporarily override programmed settings for increased comfort. Likewise, the thermostat program includes a hold option to conserve energy while dwellers vacation. A daylight savings key assists users make seasonal time adjustments. A flip-open door conceals the keypad and includes quick reference instructions on the door’s interior. Two AA batteries power the thermostat. A two-stage light indicates low battery levels. Batteries must be purchased separately. Hunter offers a limited one-year warranty for this product. The thermostat measures 5 by 6 by 1-1/4 inches and weighs 1 pound upon shipping. –Jessica Reuling

Product Features

  • Individual programs for all 7 days of the week
  • INDIGLO backlit display
  • Home today override
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Easy to read LCD display


Anonymous says:

Four of these went bad in 6 years At our business we have two thermostats on two separate floors. Six years ago we installed these Hunter thermostats. I’ve reprogrammed them dozens, maybe hundreds, of times and am VERY familiar with how to operate them (our building has a very irregular schedule from week to week and month to month). Eventually, the thermostats began to function erratically. For example, the heat would start running when it wasn’t programmed to, or else the heat won’t come on when it is programmed to. When this…

Anonymous says:

Concerned after 17 months of usage – update, issue resolved and remained resolved for 2 more years. I purchased this unit 17 months ago in October 2008 to replace a similar unit that failed after almost 14 years of service. Installation went smoothly and was very easy to program. Initially the unit functioned as described…. then one day this winter we came home to a very cold home. Apparently the batteries failed without warning, yet the display was functional and there still wasn’t a low battery indication. I replaced the batteries and all seemed to be fine… until this week. We’re on…

Anonymous says:

Easy to setup I had purchased a different brand from Home Depot and it was so hard to understand and set up. I had this one before but it is no longer selling in Lowe’s or Home Depot so I ordered it here. I had one before this one and it worked for 7 years, I have no idea why it stopped. It is very easy to install and set-up. Well worth the money…

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