Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Lite by TP-Link (2-Pack) -12 Amp & Reliable Wifi Connection, Compact Design, No Hub Required, Works With Alexa Echo & Google Assistant (HS103P2)

June 11, 2019 - Comment
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The Hs103 2-pack is the easiest way you can start controlling lamps, fans, and other smaller Electronics. HS103P2 is a lighter version of our mini plug with all the features you expect from the TP-Link and kasa family. The kasa app also guides you through each step of the installation, connecting your smart plug to your home Wi-Fi. Protocols Supported: IEEE 802.11b/g/n; System Requirement: Compatible with Android 4.1 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher., iPhone only version of Kasa app required for iOS tablets; Wireless Type: Wi-Fi communication, IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Product Features

  • Control from anywhere – turn electronics on or off from anywhere with your smartphone using the kasa app (compatible w/ android & ios)
  • Voice control – works with amazon alexa, google assistant and microsoft cortana supported devices for a hands-free experience
  • Easy control – control light-duty plug-in electronics with loads up to (ie. Lamps, tvs, stereos, etc.)
  • Kasa scenes & schedules – schedule the smart plug to automatically switch on and off when away or set a scene for controlling many devices with a single button
  • Note: 2-pack includes two (2) smart plugs. Requires a secured 2.4 ghz wi-fi network connection


Anonymous says:

Great switches but BE CAREFUL with SECURITY I first bought a few TP-Link HS200 wall switches to control my lights. It was a pain to remove the previous switches and wire these in. But I was so impressed with their ease of set up that next time I bought the HS103/HS105 plugs. I can now control lots of my appliances via TP-Link Kasa app or Alexa (or manually).But I WORRY about the SECURITY RISK of sharing my home WiFi username/password with a Chinese company. SOMEONE, ahem, can get into my router, my PCs etc., and steal my bank…

Anonymous says:

Compact, easy to set up, and reliable. Another winner from TP-Link. I have had good experiences with TP-Link devices in the past, so I had high hopes for these little WiFi outlets, and they didn’t disappoint.1) Setup was a piece of cake: just plug them in and use the Kasa app to configure them. You can also control these by voice if you are an Echo user — adding them as new devices is easily done through the Alexa app. (They are also compatible with Google Home devices.)2) They are small and unobtrusive, projecting about an inch and a…

Anonymous says:

Much better than the original…. but I really like the TP-Link brand and this smart outlet is no exception. With this unit one can at least plug two (2) things in at the same time in the outlet (one smart plug and one regular plug or two smart plugs)…. HOWEVER the smart engineer would have put the plug part of the smart plug on the side, top or bottom so that it didn’t stick out of the wall 2″+ and with a plug… almost 4″. That leaves the plug way out in the room if it is behind something. Great plug… poor engineering.

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