Lavender Candle Scented Tealights – 30 Pack Lilac Color- Great for Yoga, Meditation, Relaxation – Made in USA

June 14, 2019 - Comment
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The scent of Lavender is a favorite to many. Creates a soothing, relaxing and romantic surrounding when lit.

Product Features

  • RELIEF STRESS RIGHT HERE: These calming candles create a serene and relaxing atmosphere. Sit back in on your sofa in your living room, light some of these lavender essential oil candles, inhale and exhale. aaahhh, you can do it!
  • ROMANTIC AND RELAXING: Great for meditation, stress relief, yoga, bedroom, bathroom, travel, living room, spas, and much more.
  • LEAD FREE – High quality wax – Will fit in any standard tealight holder
  • Burn time: up to 4 hours
  • Proudly MADE IN USA


Anonymous says:

I honestly have know idea what cotton smells like These tea lights have an incredibly powerful, almost overwhelming, scent. I ordered (fresh cotton). Now, I don’t know exactly what cotton smells like, but I didn’t expect it to smell like rosewater. And not like the mild rosewater scent, but the strong one.The scent had a vaguely annoying feeling tied to it. It’s like when you’re a kid hanging out with a grandparent during a lazy summer day, hoping to go to the local pool, but they have to visit a friend of theirs first. At first,…

Anonymous says:

I am disappointed in the tealights because they do not have a … I am disappointed in the tealights because they do not have a strong scent. I like to use tealights to freshen the air of smells from cooking odors as well as in an extra bathroom. I tried it in the bathroom and can barely smell the scent. Also they burn down to a liquid within 30 minutes. They don’t seem to be made with a wax that lasts. I have gotten other local store brands that last and smell better. Unfortunately the stores are not carrying the scents I like. So I am in search of getting a…

Anonymous says:

Ordered a pack despite the low reviews I ordered these in spite of all the negative reviews just on the off chance they worked (and because I didn’t see many reviews for the lavender tea lights), but just like most of the other reviews, I found that these tea lights put off no odor when lit.For putting off no scent, these are waaaay WAY too expensive as you can buy a pack of 125 (one hundred and twenty-five) unscented tea lights for 13 (thirteen) dollars on here.At least they’re a pretty color…

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