PEB Adjustable Angle Parallel Drawing Board, Large

July 15, 2018 - Comment
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The Martin pro-draft parallel straightedge kit is the premier item in its class. The only Parallel Straightedge Board utilizing an Anti-warp Aluminum body straightedge for strength, and stability. Note that each side of the unit has large knobs for adjusting the straight-edge to align with the artwork/drawing and stay parallel. Equipped with a 6-position Adjustable stand; Board size; 20-inch by 26-inch.

Product Features

  • The only parallel straightedge board utilizing an anti-warp aluminum body straightedge for strength and stability
  • Equipped with a six-position adjustable stand
  • Locking device to lock in any angle that you would like to draw
  • Each side of the unit has large knobs for adjusting the straight-edge to align with the artwork/drawing and stay parallel
  • High resin particle board to prevent board breakage


Nobody says:

great item – no damage Received my board today. I was a little nervous given the reviews about damages. Mine arrived fine. I ordered the medium board (18×24). The arm moves smooth and parallel. I have been messing around with drafting the past two hours and already turned out a complete simple drawing.One thing I was hoping I could do, but didnt see this in reviews so hopefully this helps someone else. I want to put a vyco mat on my board but wasn’t sure how tight the bar set across the board. I…

Shawn says:

For 86 bucks it does the job but it could be better The face on this drafting / design board appears to be ordinary cabinet grade melamine and it does not respond to needles as the rubberized drawing boards do. The first thing I did was make a small circle down in the corner below the horizontal bar to see what kind of divot my compass would leave. The melamine laminate is hard and did not puncture as deep as I thought it would. It is tough and sturdy in other words. The needle did leave a tiny burr that will catch lead points in the future. The…

Curt says:

Terrible packaging, arrived damaged. The board and slide look to be of decent quality but the board was cracked right down the middle when I got it. The packaging is terrible. I had seen some of the reviews about damaged boards and was hoping the company made some changes. The packaging is still bad. I just got it today and it is going right back. Do not waste your time with this one.

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