Philips Hue White Ambiance Smart Bulb Starter Kit (2 A19 Bulbs 1 Hub and 1 Dimmer Switch Works with Alexa Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant)

June 14, 2019 - Comment
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Light for your moments from sunrise to sunset. This Philips Hue white ambiance starter kit contains 2 bulbs, 1 dimmer switch and a hub. It can help you fall asleep or wake up gently. Set the right ambiance with a range of white light, from cool daylight to relaxing warm white light.

Product Features

  • Works with Alexa for voice control (hub required and included, Alexa device sold separately).
  • With wireless control on your smartphone or tablet, choose the perfect light setting for any mood or activity such as reading or relaxing, concentrating, or energizing.
  • Connect the Hue Bridge with two bulbs that fit standard-size table lamps and a dimmer to control the light intensity. Grow your system with support for up to 50 lights.
  • Install the LED light as you would install ordinary bulbs and pair them with the Hue Bridge, which allows you to control smart-bulb-equipped lamps and overhead lights via the Philips Hue App.
  • Easily expand your lighting system with up to 12 accessories per system (sold separately), such as a Hue Tap or Hue Motion Sensor. Pair it for automation with your existing Nest or SmartThings system.


Anonymous says:

Best smart bulbs on the market (at least for now) I bought my hue bulbs almost a year ago in an expensive gamble to improve my sleep quality. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. My lights are programmed to match the white balance of the daylight outside, dim at night, and fade in before I wake up in the morning. I get tired at a normal time (around 10pm-12am instead of 2-3am), wake up more easily, and sleep better in between.While the technology for these bulbs is not very special anymore and cheaper versions are…

Anonymous says:

Easy and fun to use! Length:: 0:27 Mins This was a gift for my husband, and I was worried we would not make use of them. We don’t have that many lamps in the house, but we do have one on each floor.Setting up the lights was easy, but it did take a few minutes longer than I thought it would. I am quite tech savvy, and assumed it would be quicker. So allow yourself a half an hour for full installation. The largest amount of time was spent figuring out which lamp had which…

Anonymous says:

Perfect solution for rooms with no switches Yes, these bulbs are a little pricey. But I recently moved into an old Victorian built in the late 1800s and many of the bedrooms don’t have light switches. I bought the starter pack to test it out and am now ordering more switches and bulbs. It’s a great solution and cheaper than rewiring my entire second floor! I’m also using one of the bulbs in my living room and using the IFTTT app to have the light turn on at sunset and turn off at 2 AM. Great for home security if I’m not home, plus I’m…

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