Premium Apple Corer – Easy to Use and Durable Apple Corer Remover for Pears, Bell Peppers, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Gala and Pink Lady Apples – Stainless Steel Best Kitchen Gadgets Cupcake Corer, by Zulay

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Put Down the Knife for EASIER and FASTER Coring

Remove the unwanted core and seeds from apples, pears and more. Sharp stainless steel twin blades make coring simple and fast. You can even core cupcakes and fill them with delicious fillings, such as strawberry jam.

You Will Love this High Quality, Heavy Duty, Food-Grade, Stainless Steel Metal Core Remover

This vegetable and fruit decorer is easy to use, easy to clean and built to last. Better than a slicer, cutter or peeler. This amazing small kitchen gadget in best sellers is a must-have for home and professional kitchens alike. Sturdy build that will not easily break or bend. Best stuff under 10 dollars.

Speed Up Food Prepping

Whether you are cooking, baking, blending, peeling or juicing, use this amazing coreer tool on apples, pears, pineapples, tomatoes, cucumber, onions, bell peppers, zucchini, fuji, honeycrisp, gala, red delicious, pink lady apples and more, to remove unwanted cores and seeds. Unlike a knife, applepeeler, cutter, peeler machine or dicer, this tool is effective in preserving the parts of the fruit you most enjoy. Simply punch and twist to get every seed. Simple peel, core and slice any apple for apple pie.


If the Apple has a crooked core you should push the tool through the bottom of the fruit, opposite the stem. Simply punch, twist and pull.

Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

We believe in our Apple Corer so much that if for any reason you are not fully satisfied, simply call or email us and we will send you a replacement or full refund, no questions asked. Your corer is guaranteed to last for years and years.

Product Features

  • SO EASY TO USE – IT WILL BLOW YOU AWAY! Stainless Steel Twin Blades with sharp, serrated tips designed to smoothly core through any apple, pears, bell peppers, cupcakes and more. After coring your fruits and vegetables the blades simply open-up and dump the unwanted core for convenient disposal. Making this beautiful corer one of the most useful tools in any kitchen.
  • SUPER DURABLE AND FUN Sturdy high quality stainless steel blades that will not easily bend or break will allow you to core through any apple with ease. This heavy duty corer can be also be used as a pitter and seed remover. It is a very useful tool that will last you a long time. 100% Rust proof.
  • SMOOTH ERGONOMIC HANDLE The beautiful apple-red handle is molded to give you a super comfortable and steady grip. The non-slip design makes coring easy and fun. It can be comfortably held and used by seniors and those with arthritic hands.
  • VERY EASY TO CLEAN Unlike other corers and slicers, this unique twin-blade apple cutter has a lever that will easily open, making it very easy to clean with a quick rinse. You cal also put it in the dishwasher for a more thorough cleaning.
  • SPEEDS UP FOOD PREPPING You will be amazed by the ease and speed with which you will core fruits and veggies compared to other apple cutters, pitters, dividers, wedger, huller, corerslicer, progressive slicer, divider and cheap plastic accessories. This prime apple, potato, onion, tomato, pineapple, zuchinni and pear corer is the best way to go.


Anonymous says:

Makes apples fun for the little ones So overall I like this apple corer. I have a different one that cores and cuts into wedges but sometimes kids get bored of the same ‘ol so I got this. I like that you can core the center of the apple but leave the rest intact because then you can turn the apple sideways and cut it into rings super easy. The kids love it because it’s something different and eating healthy should be fun, right?My only small gripe is that the apples seem to brown faster where this corer has touched…

Anonymous says:

Apple Corer that Does the Job Perfectly. This Apple Corer is amazing. It does the job perfectly on my apple. It is very easy to use and clean. The middle part where the core of my apple lays (once removed from my apple) is not sharp, so it makes the cleaning part even easier, not dangerous for my hands. The price is very affordable too. I will use it to do the same thing on my other fruits as well. I have no regrets buying this so far and as an additional “piece of mind” it is covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime Money Back…

Anonymous says:

Easy and fun to use! Wow this Apple corer is awesome. It’s very easy to use and very fast. This will be great for juicing since it removes the seeds and stem so quickly. Also easy to clean. Just rinse and your done.This corer actually makes me want to buy more apples now because it’s actually fun to use as well. :)Will update in the future.

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