Safety Works 818070 Band Style Hearing Protection 2-Pack

April 17, 2019 - Comment
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Easy to insert and remove

Product Features

  • Easy to insert and remove


Anonymous says:

Poo Poo Pass this one up Two stars because the plugs work pretty well and fit my ears.See my photo of the yellow band ear protection bought off a Snap On truck. I used those five or more days a week, every week and often at home on my days off for roughly nine or more years. The little blue ear plugs finally started to crack.Enter the black hoop with green ear plug MSA Safety Works 818070 Band.Same deal but I think I have yet to use them at home on my days off. I got . . . are you ready…

Anonymous says:

Hearing Protection Where I work, a lot of the times I come across a bunch of loud noise so in order to keep my hearing I have to wear hearing protection. The disposable buds take too much time to prep in order to use them, so the only ones that are convenient to use are either the big bulky ones that go over the ears or these. To be honest, on a comfort level, personally, I prefer the big bulky ones but these are a little more convenient because they’re not so bulky. It’s a great product all the way around!

Anonymous says:

Better than individual ear plugs In fact, so much better. I have medium grade tinnitus, and have been using ear plugs for many years to avoid flare ups after mowing the lawn, for instance. These don’t go too deep inside your ear that you have to dig them out sometimes, are easy to remove and re-insert when a neighbor comes over to talk, easy to clean, and the band provides just enough pressure to keep them snug. Not as sound deadening as some foam plugs but adequate for me, and better in the way that they maintain the…

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