SpaGuard Brominating Tablets (4.5 lbs)

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SpaGuard Spa Brominating Tablets 4.5# The power of an organic brominating compound compressed into 1-inch tablet. These tablets are acidic and may lower pH, so pH and total alkalinity should be tested frequently and adjusted as necessary. Use Brominating Tablets in a brominator or in a SpaGuard Floating Dispenser. When you use BioGuard spa care products (SpaGuard or Soft Soak), you are enlisting a group of individuals whose expertise is unsurpassed in the spa and pool industry. Whose dedication to helping you achieve perfect water no matter what the individual circumstance is their number one priority. Whose sole purpose is making your spa or pool the most enjoyable and trouble-free experience that you and your family will ever have. Whose dedication to the innovation and history of new product introductions is never matched, but often imitated. This dedication to service and the relentless pursuit of perfect water is inherent in the DNA of every BioGuard dealer.

Product Features

  • SpaGuard Spa Brominating Tablets 4.5# (New size!)
  • Provides Spa Owners with an Organic Brominating Compound in a Time-Release Tablet form to Provide Continuous Spa Sanitation
  • Brominating Tablets are designed for use with Brominators and SpaGuard’s Floating Dispenser
  • Dissolve slowly and protects continuously
  • SpaGuard’s Brominating Tablets are acidic and will lower your spa pH levels. Constant monitoring is necessary for optimal spa health


Anonymous says:

They dissolve too slowly. We have been using the bromine tabs from Walmart for years. I put 6-8 in the float for our tub and hey last about a week. These tabs were in the float for 2 weeks and showed no sign of dissolving. We had to change the water twice to get the tub clean again. I guess if you have a float that holds 2 dozen tabs they might work, not practical for a tub.

Anonymous says:

… long time in my hot tub and they work great. However I’ve used SpaGuard Brominating Tabs for a long time in my hot tub and they work great. However, ordering them on-line didn’t go so well. Many of the tablets were cracked and there was a cloud of dust when I opened the container. It appears that they don’t ship well. While the on-line price was better, I’ll probably buy my next container at a local pool & supply store so I can check that they are not damaged before I make the purchase.

Anonymous says:

Sticky resin at the waterline!! Through a process of elimination I have found this product has caused an extremely sticky resin material to adhere to my hot tub and filter at the water line. Buyer beware. It made a huge mess and it took a while to determine but with the help of the local water company I was able to figure it out. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

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