TCP LA927KND6 LED Light Bulbs 60 Watt Equivalent | Energy Efficient (9W) Non-Dimmable A19 Shape E26 medium base, 6 pack, Soft White, 6 Lamps

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TCP’s A19 LED light bulbs are ideal for use in table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and hallways or ceiling fixtures.

TCP energy efficient LED bulbs are a perfect replacement for standard 60 watt incandescent household bulbs, but they only use 9 watts – an energy savings of up to 85%!

The bulbs emit a Soft White color (2700K) which is perfect for indoor lighting as it mimics the glow of standard incandescent bulbs and are suitable for use in indoor or outdoor enclosed fixtures; not dimmable.

TCP has 20+ years of lighting experience and is a leader is LED innovation. We know light.


• Table and Floor Lamps

• Living Rooms

• Bedrooms

• Dining Rooms

• Hallways

• Ceiling Fixtures


• Replaces your current 60-watt bulb with an energy efficient 9-watt bulb, saving up to 85%!

• Lasts 20,000 hours (18+ years) based on 3 hours per day

• Suitable for indoor/outdoor enclosed fixtures

Product Features

  • SAVE UP TO 85% ON YOUR ENERGY BILL – Buy TCP energy efficient 9 watt LED bulbs to replace your 60 watt bulbs and see the immediate savings!
  • LONG LASTING 18 YEAR LIFESPAN – Rated at 20, 000 hours based on 3 hours per day. High quality TCP LED light bulbs last longer!
  • PERFECT BULB VERSATILITY – These Soft White (2700K) LED provide warm and ambient lighting. Ideal for use in table and floor lamps, living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and hallways or ceiling fixtures.
  • 800 LUMENS OF IMMEDIATE LIGHT: LEDs provide bright instant light to any room. There is no waiting time to warm up to full brightness.
  • CONSISTENT COLOR – Keep the soft white light you love with 2700K LED bulbs
  • QUICK & EASY INSTALL – These are standard A19 shaped bulbs with a medium E26 screw base. Simply install this directly into medium screw base light fixtures.
  • 20+ YEARS OF LIGHTING EXPERIENCE – Manufactured by TCP Lighting, a leader in LED innovation. You can trust us. We know light.


Anonymous says:

Fastest 18 years I ever did see First these are beyond a shadow of a doubt by all accounts with complete certainty, a 6 pack of light bulbs. I attest to that. The part that isn’t quite adding up for me is the 18 year lifespan. I have to buy a new pack every 4 months or so. Let’s see I bought one today. I bought a pack in May. I bought a pack in Feb. I bought a pack in Sep before that. These burn out pretty much the same as any incandescent, maybe faster. Either that or I’m careening through spacetime at relativistic speeds…

Anonymous says:

Your box will probably come with several duds. These seem like a good deal, and I purchased several boxes of them in September and December 2016. Several of the bulbs in each of the boxes were duds. Some of them blew out, some had burned spots on the glass, some cracked at the base. I suspect this is just a quality control issue. I wonder how long the rest will last compared to the advertised “18.3 years”.

Anonymous says:

Excellent quality, cost efficient! I was going to give this 4 stars since a bulb or two was buzzing when I installed them, until I checked again and tried a few bulbs, they all buzzed! The problem was the SOCKET, NOT THE BULB! The same bulb that “buzzed” in the bad socket worked fine in the fine socket! Never had a issue with these, they are a great product at a great price!P.S the review is for the 6 pack, non energy star ones. Daylight and soft light versions. The daylight is great for offices, bathroom…

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