TOA Supply 2pk White Plastic Gallon Pumps Bottle Dispenser Oil Cream Lotion Liquid Container

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This is a compatible pump which fits almost any gallon size bottles. It has stainless steel spring for long lasting durability and an anti-siphon chamber to prevent leaking. Enjoy easy dispensing of your favorite oils, gels and lotions. Fits most 1 gallon biotone oils, gels and lotions. Our bottle pump is made mostly of polypropylene (recycle code 5) plastic. Made in usa specifications: – Pump length (each): 16 in – lid diameter: 1.5 in – from lid to bottom length: 11 in.

Product Features

  • Ideal for home, industrial or commercial use
  • Fits glass or plastic gallon jugs
  • Pack of 2 pumps per order


Anonymous says:

DOES NOT WORK WITH 2-PART RESINS Bought these for my gallon Alumilite Clear jugs. BOTH pumps have a constant slow drip (A and B). Once you start the first pump, there’s nothing you can do to stop the drip. They will also fill your resin with so many microbubbles, not only will you not be able to get an accurate weight, but you’ll never get the bubbles out regardless of how fast you get them in the pressure pot. Lost several blanks this weekend before I realized what was happening. They are FULL of microbubbles and unusable to…

Anonymous says:

Needs a cap to prevent leaking The dispenser leaks quite a bit I put a vacuum cap on mine to prevent it from doing that

Anonymous says:

Disappointing! I would not recommend for two-part epoxy dispensing. The spouts keep spitting out air and spews epoxy everywhere; I cannot get precise measurements due to the air that remains in the tube, and the nozzle drip on the table. I cannot return them as they’ve been in sticky epoxy, so I’ll end up having to throw them out as well as the money I spent on them.

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