TPI Corporation 198TMC Fan Forced Portable Heater – Radiant, 1500/900/600W, 120V, Winter Heating Equipment. Heating Devices

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The TPI Corporation 198TMC combination fan forced/radiant portable heater has dual fan forced and radiant heating elements that can be used separately or together to warm small rooms and work areas. The steel enclosure has a handle for portability and a wire cage for safety. The radiant element operates at 600W, the fan forced element operates at 900 watts, and both may be used together for a total of 1500 watts. The unit includes a thermostat for adjustable temperature control and has a manual reset switch for overheat protection and a tip-over switch to disable the heater for safety. It includes a 6’ long, three-conductor power cord and is wired for 120V for compatibility with most standard circuits. The unit weighs 9 lb. and is compliant to standards for use in the United States and Canada by United Laboratories (UL).

Electric heaters generate warmth through a central heating element that is housed in a reflective enclosure that concentrates the energy produced. An element made of a combination of metals produces heat or infrared energy by the electrical resistance created when an electric current passes through it. Fan-forced heaters pass air over the heating element to expel heat from the enclosure for greater throw and circulation. Radiant heaters do not use a fan, but warm nearby objects through energy transfer. A heater’s voltage and wiring should be matched to the electrical circuit where it is to be used. Heaters are used in a range of commercial applications that include shop floors, construction sites, and industrial buildings. All local electrical codes should be followed when installing permanent mounted electric heating equipment.

TPI Corporation manufactures industrial and commercial electrical heaters, process heat ovens, ventilation products and fans, lighting equipment, and thermostatic controls. The company, founded in 1950, is headquartered in Johnson City, TN.

Product Features

  • TPI Fan Forced Heater: durable fan heater for cold weather can be used as an air circulator, heater or drier. The fan forced heater is ideal for area heating, radiant heat distribution, spot heating or freeze protection.
  • Portable Heater: the electric heating device comes with adjustable settings to get the desired warmth and comfort. The easy-to-carry and light weight heating equipment is travel friendly and user friendly. This Winter care heating accessory is for commercial and industrial use
  • Practical Winter Accessory: ideal to warm small spaces like garages, workshops, warehouses, laundry rooms, bedroom. Space heater with easy DIY installation flexibility. Delivers fast startup and low noise performance. Weighs 1 pound
  • Unique Design: fan heater has a robust construction. The heating equipment is shockproof, corrosion resistant and scratch proof and features grilled structure with a long-lasting finish. The white color heating device is of compact size. The corded electric power source features 1500/900/600W, 120V
  • Care Instruction: low maintenance heating device. Wait for the heater to cool before cleaning. Wipe with damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemical based cleaners. Remove loose dust with feather duster


Anonymous says:

Great room heater with an unfortunate flaw. Great room heater with a serious flaw.The connector that joins the wiring to the heating element is made of brass and overheats to the point that the wire end becomes brittle and breaks the connection. I fixed this by replacing the brass connector with a 1/16″ double barrel copper ferule that I bought at my local hardware store for $1.49 each.Open the back of the heater, remove the brass connector, strip the end of the wire and crimp the ferule with a pair of needle…

Anonymous says:

A fast efficient heater This is the best space heater I have bought. I still have a 26 year old original that still works. This appears to work the same. I usually use the middle setting on any heater I buy, never pushing it to its limits. This heater at the middle setting gives me more than enough heat. On occasion I have raised this to the third setting and have never had a problem with over-heating of the unit.Hope this review helps. It’s a great product.

Anonymous says:

I like this heater for three reasons I like this heater for three reasons. 1) I’m familiar with it from previous times. 2) It has a wide base which makes it stable. This is important because I use it in my basement to keep the water pipes warm; so I do not have to worry about it tipping over while I am not there. (I also keep it surrounded by a concrete floor) 3) If it does tip over it has a tip over feature which will turn it off.

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