Westcott 12″/30cm Junior T-Square

June 14, 2019 - Comment
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Westcott 12″ /30cm Junior T-Square is easy to see through to underline notes, draw columns or check the layout of your paperwork. Featuring transparent blades, ideal for inking and a convenient hang hole for easy storage. From the Manufacturer: Westcott Drafting & Drawing Tools are some of the finest products of their kind for students and professionals. Our commitment to meticulous quality and cutting edge innovation in measurement and art materials has earned an unparalleled reputation.

Product Features

  • Clear, plastic T-Square
  • Inch & metric calibrations
  • Easy to see through to underline notes, draw columns or check the layout of your paperwork
  • Transparent blades, ideal for inking
  • Convenient hang hole


Anonymous says:

Flimsy but Gets the Job Done I’ve had two of these T-Squares, so I feel like I know the product pretty well now. The material is not very durable, but hey, you’re buying a cheap plastic t-square, what did you expect? Less forgivable is how quickly the markings get rubbed off from the ruler part. After maybe like 5 sessions of using it for an hour or so, I can already see the numbers fading on my new one. I retired the previous T-Square since the markings were rubbed off on all but the very end of the ruler…

Anonymous says:

Flimsy Very flimsy. So disappointed. I wasn’t expecting something so flimsy. This has to be the most bendy t-square I’ve ever encountered. Who in their right mind can manufacture something this weak and make a conscious decision to sell it?

Anonymous says:

You Get What You Pay For As others have stated, this is a flimsy ruler. The plastic isn’t rigid, it’s flexible, and the measurements are barely etched and painted with black. There is a hole at the end of the ruler (at the 12-inch mark) and so I hang the ruler on my pegboard where I know it won’t get damaged. If you toss this into a drawer, a tote, or a bin, you’re likely to have it damaged by the weight of other items you may place on top. This is definitely a ballerina-crafter product; if you’re a bull, find…

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