Willweng Gender Reveal Holi Color Powder Party Supplies Multi Colors Holy Festival 1 lb Rangoli Powder (Blue)

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Gender reveal parties are becoming a creative way to celebrate with family and friends when announcing your baby’s gender. Hosting one can be so much fun and a special opportunity to share with those closest to you. There are all kinds of gender reveal party ideas for you to explore. Color Blaze is thrilled to provide you with some of our favorite ideas using color powder. This holy

Color powder is made of a non-toxic cornstarch that is environmentally friendly and safe to use. 100% FD&C and D&C Approved Food Dyes and Cornstarch. Powder does wash out of hair and off skin. This kind of holy color powder is used for all occasions, TV commercials , New Year’s Party, Photo Shoots etc. Use this variety of holy color powder to create a colorful canvas no matter where you go! Willweng offers wholesale color powder in individual packets and bulk color powder sales for large and small events of all kinds.

Product Features

  • ✓ The Gender Reveal Party Color Powder is Safe and Easy to Clean Up. Pink and Blue Color Powder for Gender Reveal Parties, Photo Shoots and More. You can create amazing colored smoke clouds and popping black balloons filled with colored holy powder
  • ✓Specification: Great color run powder for holy festivals, color wars, gender reveal parties and more! Colorize your next outdoor event with our fun and unique holy powder. The 6 lb packets are of the most ideal packaging sizes for any party.
  • ✓Quality: Our Willweng Gender Reveal Party Color Powder is Non Toxic, Eco Friendly, Washable (Made with cornstarch and 100% natural pigment. Celebrate your babies gender with family and friends in a fun, creative and memorable way!
  • ✓Design: Our gender reveal colored powder is the absolute best match for your big baby reveal! Designed for adults, children, Boys, Girls and Parents. Never throw directly in someone’s face and never use near an exposed flame
  • ✓Uses: Perfect for Celebrations, Color Wars, Holy Festivals, and Photo Shoots, Vibrant gender reveal color powder, is perfect for gender reveal parties and baby announcements. Always use outdoors in a well ventilated area


Anonymous says:

Blue dust It didn’t come with instructions on how to get the smoke out. I ended up blowing the dust out of my hands unfortunately. Good investment if you could get it to work.

Anonymous says:

I liked Very bright and blue

Anonymous says:

Great quality! Beautiful vibrant Pink color! I used this in a pinata to reveal the gender of my first grandchild. It was amazing!

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