Zerodis Digital Temperature Meter Electronic LCD Thermometer Probe Sensor Wired Temperature Controllers

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Operation Instruction:

1. Open battery cover on the device. FSW is function conversion key, IN means indoor temperature display, Out means outdoor temperature display.

2. When starting up, after LCD full screen displays 2 seconds, LCD displays current indoor temperature. During the period of LCD displaying 2 seconds, function key won’t switch state.

3. If continuously press FSW function key over 4 seconds, device will shut down, while clock time maintain counting.

4. When temperature not lower than 70℃(158℉) in measurement, LCD will display H℃(℉) in radix point first place, if temperature is lower than -50℃(-58℉), LCD will display L℃(℉) in radix point first place.

5. If battery power is insufficient, LCD will flash at the speed of 1Hz, at this time measurement data is inaccurate, you should change a new battery. ℃/℉ is Celsius/Fahrenheit switch.

6. Time Setting:

(1) Press FSW key to change LCD to time display.

(2) Hour setting (HR key): add 1 hour per press, over 12 then counting from 1.

(3) Minute setting (MIN key): add 1 minute per press, over 59 then counting from 00

A is built-in sensor probe for detecting in door temperature around.

B is outside sensor probe, place it in the place where need to be measure temperature, the LCD will display temperature data.

Product Features

  • 【Material】The electronic thermometer is compact and delicate, good workmanship and adopted environment friendly materials, sturdy and durable to use. Package Included:1 x Thermometer (without battery)
  • 【Double Meter Probes】Double meter probes for measuring indoor and outdoor temperature.
  • 【LCD Display】Clear LCD display, Celsius & Fahrenheit, time display function conversion function, convenient for your reading data and daily use.
  • 【Time & Temperature Function】High accuracy, visual display. With time and temperature display function, easy to use and operate.
  • 【Application】Widely apply to refrigerator, air-condition, freezer, fish tank, home, office, car etc.


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